Keep your memories forever
by sharing them

Hello, friend.

UCG has left me with many wonderful memories, and I am guessing it has been good to you as well. But as the days go by and we accumulate new experiences, it is fair to say that those memories will start to blur. In order to preserve some of the great times we have shared, I thought of making this site as a little side project (since I am currently learning web dev). With this site I hope we can record some of the times we shared, before we start forgetting the details. If I get enough responses, I will compile them into a PDF and share them with you. Feel free to use the Write section to share some of the memories you have made during your time in Groningen. Maybe it was a sweet day you'd like to remember. Maybe it was a party. Maybe you wanted to tell someone that they were cool but didn't get the chance to do so explicitly. Maybe it is a reflection (in typical UCG fashion) on your time in Groningen. Whatever it is that you want to share. Stories can be written anonymously, so feel free to pour your heart out. Word counts are irrelevant. And in any case, thanks for taking the time to visit. Peace and love :)